Hey!!! How are you?

My name is Carmen Browne and I am an American living in Europe. I am a singer, a teacher, a composer and a writer. I’m also an avid joy-seeker, an incurable optimist, and a curator of pleasurable experiences. Put simply, BROWNETOWNE is the community I am cultivating to help support my music in a sustainable way. From time to time, some of the proceeds of our products will also contribute to charities with which I have a meaningful relationship.

We are creating a movement of positivity and elegance for real people.
Who are real people?
Real people are grown ups who are living real lives. People who have realized that there is always joy to be found in life, even when things around you seem to be less than. Real people are people who have gotten their hands dirty or their souls tarnished but realize that we have far more power within us than sometimes we let ourselves believe.

I want this shop to be a complement to my music and blog, where I collect anecdotes and insights into the world that I inhabit. I will share some pieces that I like and love the aesthetic of, and together, hopefully we can uplift and inspire one another.

If you came here to hear my music or read the blog, you can go to, but if you’re looking for inspiration, simple breathing space, and maybe to acquire some of the items I have added to the shop to help support my music, BROWNETOWNE welcomes you.

It’s SO nice to meet you.
Talk to you soon,